Where is the ball pit for grown-ups?

This my remote work view this morning. I have two children on school holidays and they get to run around on this for two hours and to be quite frank and honest, I am jealous. They have slides, ball pits, climbing nets and other fun bits and pieces, and if I am lucky I will get a caffeine buzz from my cappucino. Funnily enough this ball pit reminded me of doing improv online over lockdown. For anyone who hasn't done improv at all, least of all online I would wholeheartedly recommend you try it. While this ball pit has a height(and probably age) restriction, improv is 100% inclusive of all ages, and is guaranteed to reignite your play impulse. Over lockdown I was lucky enough to reach out and connect with improvisers from all over the world and play with them. I learned so much from them and fully understood how improv can banish any feelings of isolation or lack of belonging and get people feeling back in the fold and feeling good in no time. If you have a team, or a part of a time that needs a jolt of play or charge of fresh energy, message me here at: and I can talk you through how we can make it happen for your team

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