It's About Workshops.

Learning is memorable when it's fun, because when it's fun you're relaxed and engaged.

My onsite and online workshops focus on creating a light and interactive environment, so colleagues connect rather than just listen.

Corporate Workshops

Since 2013, Tracy has worked with a variety of corporate clients such as BNP Paribas, NUI Galway and Profitero. She delivers courses both online and in-person, which are focused primarily on the following skill-sets.

Group Dynamics

Teambuilding as an investment needs to be memorable, to sustain working relationships and reinforce the sense of belonging each team member feels to a company.

Imagine there was a methodology that not only encouraged better communication between co-workers; it also was a light-hearted, dynamic way of building better links between staff.

Improvisation is a term known better as a stage and comedy device, but it is also being taught in the World’s top business Schools (London University, Harvard University, MIT).

Improvisation is a memorable team building event. It provides numerous hilarious moments, and allows individuals to explore making mistakes and embracing failure in a safe environment.

It bonds a group through shared laughter, and in a strangely non-competitive way. Ideally suited for a full day, we also offer half-day teambuilding workshops.

These can be delivered on site or offsite/virtually depending on your training needs.


Communications, both internal and external are an essential part of building and maintaining positive work relations.

They can make the difference between a happy, productive workforce, and one that is stuck, divided or in conflict.

We deliver half and full-day workshops which focus on decoding communication, and how we can eliminate most misunderstandings by reframing the intention behind the messages we hear.

These workshops are also built around structured exercises which help participants fully understand the impact these shifts in perception can make.

If it is the case that you or your team need to improve your presentation skills, then we also offer Presentation Skills training.

Covering both the style and substance of online and offline presenting, we can help your team overcome apprehensions about presenting, and deliver concise and compelling content.

Idea-Generation and Creative Thinking

What is Creative Problem Solving?

Creative Problem Solving is the skillset that allows both individuals and groups to approach a problem from several different angles and optimize their chances for one or several solutions being discovered.

Our methodology fuses a number of cutting edge modalities, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, disciplined improvisation and coaching. Our sessions are structured so as there is a high degree of interaction throughout the day.

Short theory modules are delivered and then participants move to practical exercises which get them into a “Creative Zone”.

Creative Problem Solving is a skill which can be developed by anyone. Everyone has the creativity and creative potential. Just as literacy and mathematics are taught in schools, we can learn and adapt a mindset which is more creativity-led.

Fundamental to this training is the creation of a space whereby ideas can be produced after the workshop itself. Our sessions include a next steps module to take account of this.

We offer half-day and full-day interactive workshops on the above.


Since 2013, Tracy has worked with a variety of corporate clients such as BNP Paribas, NUI Galway and Profitero.

She delivers courses both online and in-person, which are focused primarily on the following skill-sets.

Tracy has been delivering workshops in Schools and with Youth Groups since 2011. She worked with over 1000 students at Primary level as well as over 100 Teaching staff members delivering workshops. If your group is looking to work on developing literacy, building confidence or just a bit of team-building fun, get in touch.


Tracy founded the Improv-Eyes project in 2013 to promote learning through Play and has worked with hundreds of Primary Level students from age 7 upwards. 

She founded the project for the following reasons:

Prioritising Play as a learning tool. When Tracy delivered drama workshops back in 2011 in schools she noticed the children engaged more with the warm-up games then the subsequent material she was delivering. She decided to experiment with delivering learning outcomes via short structured exercises and noticed positive learning outcomes, improved concentration levels and better overall group participation.

Acknowledgement of the presence of Multiple Intelligences in the classroom. A games-based approach helps improve not just verbal and mathematical intelligence, but also interpersonal, musical and kinetic intelligence as these are actively used simultaneously in the exercises. Actively using and acknowledging these intelligences boosts every child’s sense of self-efficacy.

Promoting each child’s sense of belonging. Games which promote eye contact, turn-taking and teamwork can boost a child’s sense of “fitting in” in a classroom. It can help avoid cliques and highlight a child’s unique talents to their peers.

Developing Independent Thinking Skills. Continued use of these games promotes divergent thinking, both collectively and at an individual level, which can prepare the child to both preserve and develop their creativity and lateral thinking skills.

What We Do

Work With Students

We work with schools to develop a program targeting a class(2nd class upwards), and provide regular updates and welcome input on how the programme can include more curriculum material. All materials are available to the teacher to continue using, and we are available to troubleshoot when an exercise needs to be adapted to meet specific needs.

Work With Teachers

If you want a whole-school approach, where your teaching staff have access to existing games and also a framework for developing new games, we can deliver workshops to them (2 full days) to enable them to both facilitate the existing games, and develop new games. This is run over two separate days to allow for feedback on trialling the games in the classroom.

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