I'm Tracy.

I offer workshops, both virtual and onsite, for companies who want a playful approach to Teambuilding. Improving communications and generating new ideas.

It's About Fun.

Learning is memorable when it's fun, because when it's fun you're relaxed and engaged.

My onsite and online workshops focus on creating a light and interactive environment, so colleagues connect rather than just listen.

It's About Workshops.

If you want an experience for your team that is hands-on with practical takeaways, then my play-based workshops are a great option.

Using a blend of NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming), Coaching Theory and Divergent Thinking Exercises, each group is guaranteed a unique, interactive and productive learning experience.

My workshops focus on learning through doing, and having fun whilst doing.

It’s about Virtual Learning.

Live learning may not be practical for everyone at the moment, so I offer half and full-day options via Microsoft TEAMS or Zoom.

Fun online sessions take away the staleness often experienced through remote working, helping people connect in meaningful ways.

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It's Tracy Aspel

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