About Tracy

Tracy has been performing Comedy Improv since 2008. She has written and performed Sketch comedy and regularly buys fun inflatable costumes for herself, not for her children.

From Improv To Play-based Workshops

When Tracy started improv in 2008 she found it almost impossible to trust her gut and say whatever came into her head, and it took her months to hone the skills she needed to let go and have fun on stage.

An upside to the recent global pandemic for Tracy was the “Zooming” of improv performances which helped her play with performers from all over the world and train with the best teachers.

She began using this Improv stuff in workshops with adults and found they tended to get more out of the experience when they got to play.

Delivering Workshops Since 2013

In 2013 Tracy set up the Creative Institute and delivered workshops on three topics; confidence building, communications and creativity. To big companies such as MasterCard, BNP Paribas. Universities such as NUIG and University of Limerick. As well as working with countless small businesses through Agencies like PAUL Partnership and Ballyhoura Development.

She has been facilitating and tutoring online since 2020.

Fun Isn't Just For The Kids!

Following the arrival of her first child, Tracy set up her own parenting business.

She expanded this business and got fed up with her children having all the fun. Hence the costumes. She also started working in adult education doing some Part-Time tutoring with the Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board. They even let her do some games with their tutoring staff, which is a whole lot of fun.

In her spare time Tracy can be found at the local Zip line in the playground (assuming it supports her weight), and performing online with amazing artists and creatives from around the world.


What Does Tracy Do When Not Zip-lining?

Tracy uses improvisation(improv) as her methodology to promote play. Improv is a set of structured exercises which promote divergent thinking and improve how we interact with others. The games are easy to replicate after the workshop and the compound benefit of using these games regularly is life-changing.

When a group plays together, all barriers to great communication, understanding and cooperation are gone. People are their authentic selves, and laugh and surrender to having fun. 

Their ability to take on new information improves, and they learn from the instructor and each other.

Broadly speaking, Tracy believes this play-based approach benefits the following 3 skillsets:

  • Communications(Group and Individual)
  • Idea Generation and Problem-Solving
  • Group Dynamics

Tracy works with Schools and Companies, Please click the relevant section below:

It's Tracy Aspel

County Limerick

+353 861 224455